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  • Design-to-Test

    Ter_services_software_design.jpgTeradyne Tools for Design-to-Test

    Teradyne provides a range of software solutions that enable customers to convert simulation files, optimize build processes and validate overall testability.

  • DIB Development

    DIB-287x277-TeradyneDIB Development Solutions

    Teradyne Services uses a number of tool suites to efficiently identify proper resource allocation and signal routing when developing device interface board (DIB) solutions. We’ve also simplified the tedious challenge of tracing signals from a test program back to the DIB to debug the entire signal delivery path.

    To provide the most advanced design-to-production test solutions, we align with manufacturers of high-quality test development software, and offer the expertise of our engineers to support them.

    DIBViewer (PDF) - Easily and quickly locates components and signals as you debug test programs and repair DIBs. You do not need detailed knowledge of the design tools or actual DIB design to use this tool.

  • Test Program Development / Debug

    Ter_services_software_testprogram.jpgTest Program Development and Debug

    As an extension to the core test program development software, Teradyne Services continues to develop additional functionalities through software add-ins. Teradyne's suite of tools is constantly growing to help customers develop, manage and debug the complex designs that are evolving.

    View our currently available toolsets, but if you don’t find what you’re looking for, contact Teradyne Services and we’ll discuss your needs and how we can help.

  • Correlation / Production Software

    Ter__services_software_correlation.jpgCorrelation and Production Software

    Teradyne engineers develop custom solutions for production environments and test floor management. Whether you’re in need of a solution to interface handler and probers with your test system, manage tester configurations, or capture and ensure the fidelity and storage of the production data coming from the tester, Teradyne Services has the software tools you need.

    Learn more about Teradyne Services production software and services (PDF)

    View our currently available software, but if you don’t find what you’re looking for, contact Teradyne Services and we’ll discuss your needs and how we can help.

  • Third-Party Software

    ter_services_software_thirdparty.jpgThird-Party Software

    Teradyne supports many third-party vendors from design to production. Through our third-party developer program, we provide software and support to these vendors to ensure their solutions work with Teradyne testers. While we remain agnostic in support to vendors, Teradyne Services uses some preferred solutions, which we recommend because we’re fully trained and can provide additional support if necessary.

    Learn More About Teradyne’s Preferred Third-Party Solutions