CoopBreakfast-3.jpgIn early August, 37 Teradyne co-ops gathered together to attend the annual "Co-op Breakfast" in North Reading, Massachusetts. The event offers co-ops the opportunity to present the projects that they’ve been working on during their internships, as well as connect on a personal level. Employees from around Teradyne also stop by as guest speakers, providing the co-ops with an insider’s look into the company.

CoopBreakfast-1.jpgOne of the most notable speakers at this year’s event was CEO Mark Jagiela. During the candid conversation, Mark opened up about his personal experiences at Teradyne – from college recruit to leading the company – which resonated with the co-ops as they could relate to his early years with the company. Reinforcing Teradyne’s commitment to being a company without doors, the discussion ended with an “Ask Me Anything” session, prompting an open dialogue where students were encouraged to ask Mark about the company and his path to success.

After hearing from the CEO, the co-ops presented on the projects that they've been involved in. From the presentations, it’s evident that co-ops are given meaningful work the moment that they join Teradyne.

For instance, two co-ops recently visited Korea to field test a project that they’d been working on over the summer. During their 6-day stay, the co-ops were able to see their contributions being deployed on test systems. It was very exciting for them to make the connection between their work in the lab and the work being done in the factory. The group also had some free time to explore Seoul and experience the local culture.

CoopBreakfast-2.jpgIn the past, co-ops have also had the opportunity to create a mobile app for the Teradyne Technical Conference (TTC). When a sufficient app couldn’t be found, the planning team sent out a request for help and twelve co-ops signed up to work on the app development. In two months, the co-ops implemented the TTC Mobile App, a cross-platform application that displays the schedule for the event.

North Reading wasn’t the only location to host co-ops this summer. Our Buffalo Grove and Agoura Hills teams also welcomed groups of co-ops.

In Buffalo Grove, two co-ops worked on the Hardware team, where they received valuable hands-on experience. They also managed to have some fun at a company barbecue that included volleyball, soccer and baggo tournaments.

In Agoura Hills, nine co-ops worked on teams across various disciplines. Although the co-ops were tasked with challenging projects, they were able to take a break and enjoy a Mexican-style barbecue. At the event, they discussed what departments they worked for and what they hoped to accomplish. Before departing for the start of the school year, the co-ops were treated to lunch by the lake where they participated in a “Lunch and Learn,” highlighting their work to have taken place over the summer.

As we close out another cycle of summer co-ops, we'd like to thank the co-ops and their managers for helping to make this program such a major success!