The advancement of technology and connectivity of people is the backbone of modern society. Teradyne’s products are fundamental to this and make possible the growth of many industries. As a leading technology company, we have a profound effect on society and the environment. We integrate sustainability, quality and safety into every aspect of our business to minimize the impacts of our products on the environment and to increase social benefits.

We’re in a business where long-term relationships matter and a key part of this is trust. High standards of ethical behavior and compliance with laws and regulations are essential to protecting the reputation and long-term success of our company. We take responsibility for our actions and are committed to conducting business in an ethical manner.

We believe that who we are and how we behave matters. We focus our priorities on environmental, social and governance initiatives.

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  • Environmental

    Teradyne is committed to responsibly managing activities that affect the environment. In working towards minimizing our environmental impact, we:

    • Comply with environmental regulations and standards
    • Support pollution prevention and minimization programs
    • Use materials and energy efficiently to conserve natural resources
    • Minimize emissions that contribute to climate change

    Energy Management
    We continually assess the environmental impact of our operations. We focus on reducing consumption of electricity, gas and water; decreasing our greenhouse gas emissions; and exploring sustainability energy opportunities. Read our Climate Change Statement and?Environmental Policy Statement,?or download a summary of our Carbon Disclosure Project?Report.

    ISO 14001 Certification
    Teradyne’s Environmental and Safety Management System (ESMS) has expanded over the years, enabling us to achieve ISO 14001 certification. ISO 14001 is the international standard for designing and implementing an effective environmental management system.?It provides guidelines that organizations can follow, rather than establishing environmental performance requirements.

    We are ISO 14001 certified at our U.S. headquarters in North Reading, Massachusetts as well as our facilities in Heredia, Costa Rica,?Kumamoto, Japan and Cebu, Philippines. Our ISO 14001 certification serves as the framework for our sustainability initiatives in other locations as well.

    Teradyne complies with all applicable laws and regulations of the countries in which we do business – Read our Global Compliance Policy.

    Our Products
    Teradyne considers the environment in in every stage of our products' lifecycles – from inception to end-of-life. With every new product and upgrade, our engineers look for ways to be more efficient and lower energy consumption, resulting in a reduced environmental impact. Teradyne has a product stewardship program to ensure end-of-life management for our products. We require our customers to comply with applicable laws for end-of-life management of Teradyne systems and/or to contact Teradyne for assistance. Additionally, Teradyne is a member of a number of individual country consortiums that manage products at end-of-life under the EU WEEE Directive.

    Working with Our Suppliers
    Teradyne realizes that we need to partner with our suppliers in order to ensure adequate environmental protection. As part of this partnership, we have green procurement initiatives and engage with suppliers to improve environmental performance. Teradyne also requires all suppliers to adhere to the Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct. The RBA Code of Conduct has stringent environmental requirements including: resource reduction, hazardous substances use and disposal, waste, air emissions, energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Social

    Creating Strong Communities
    Building robots with local high school students. Walking to combat hunger. Cycling to help cure childhood cancer. Reforesting to reduce mudslides.

    These are just a few examples of how Teradyne employees support the communities where we live and work. When it comes to volunteering, we recognize the need to help our neighbors both as individuals and as a company.

    We appreciate the hard work of our people to make the world better. To amplify these efforts, we match the donations our employees receive in charitable fundraising and outreach activities.

    Inspiring the Next Generation of Engineers
    We realize that today’s youth is tomorrow’s future. Teradyne invests in the future by advancing education and creating opportunities for the next generation. We actively support middle and high school STEM education programs, as well as programs that challenge students to develop technical skills.

    Creating a Positive Work Environment
    It is a priority for us to ensure that we have a culture at Teradyne in which our most valuable resources – our people – feel inspired, supported, safe and able to achieve their personal best. As such, we adamantly uphold a number of policies to ensure equality, including nondiscrimination and pay equity policies.

    We also offer a range of benefits to make our employees’ lives easier, including insurance coverage, flexible hours, profit-sharing, paid parental leave and discounted day care services.

    Professional Development
    Our ability to deliver excellence is based on the ability of our people. That’s why we make sure that we have a highly skilled, professional workforce and a future talent pipeline. We continue to develop our employee base, ensuring we have the right capabilities for our business today and tomorrow.

    Teradyne makes an effort to recruit top talent by attending various college fairs and events, hiring internally and offering referral incentives to current employees. To ensure we maintain a strong, competitive workforce, our employees undergo formal performance reviews annually, where the employee and manager have an opportunity to look back on the previous year, review career development plans and create goals for the next year.

    Environmental Health and Safety
    Teradyne is committed to controlling health and safety risks and uses various self-assessment tools to evaluate the status of our Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) programs. We routinely conduct internal compliance audits of our facilities and major operations.

    We further ensure that workers are provided with the knowledge to perform their jobs safely. All employees receive basic EHS awareness training. Contractors are also required to complete safety training prior to doing work with Teradyne. Read our Employee Health and Safety Policy.

    Diversity in the Workplace
    Teradyne recognizes the value of a diverse workforce. We prioritize diversity by monitoring diversity statistics, creating Affirmative Action plans for recruiting and hiring?candidates from various backgrounds and experiences. Additionally, we host and attend numerous events throughout the year that are aimed at promoting diversity in the workplace.

  • Governance

    CSR Management Approach
    Corporate Social Responsibility is a key part of Teradyne’s success. We have a framework in place to govern the policies, procedures and people responsible for CSR within the company. To learn more about our our governance structure and the actions that we take thoughout the year to manage our CSR initiatives, please refer to our CSR Management Approach.

    Code of Conduct
    Teradyne’s Code of Conduct reflects our commitment to honest and ethical business practices. The Code provides standards and guidelines of conduct for all Teradyne employees, officers, directors and others, including contractors, customers and suppliers. Our Code asserts that anyone we do business with is committed to safe working conditions, fair treatment of workers and environmentally safe practices.

    We also require employees and suppliers to complete annual Code of Conduct training to ensure understanding and acceptance of responsible business practices.

    Employee Code of Conduct | Supplier Code of Conduct?| RBA Compliance Statement

    Responsible Sourcing
    We work with our suppliers to ensure that they responsibly source materials. A key part of this is recognizing the potential adverse effects of sourcing tin, tungsten, tantalum and gold (3TG) from the conflict regions in Africa. Our suppliers are required to track all 3TG used in their supply chain.

    As part of Teradyne’s annual conflict minerals reporting process, we work with our suppliers to identify all smelters/refiners in our supply chain. Teradyne compiles information on all identified smelters and verifies that those smelters do not source from mines that support armed conflict. Teradyne relies on the Responsible Business Alliance/ Responsible Minerals Initiative to audit smelters and refiners. If any suppliers identify smelters/refiners associated with armed conflict in their supply chain, Teradyne will take corrective action with those suppliers to bring them back into RBA/RMI compliance.?Teradyne compiles information on all smelters in our supply chain and verifies that those smelters do not source from mines that support armed conflict. For more information, read our Conflict Minerals Policy?and our SEC-ABEA Report.

    Protecting Human Rights
    Teradyne is committed to supporting and enforcing the protection of human rights. Our internal and supplier codes of conduct require the fair treatment of workers and the prevention of any forms of child labor, human trafficking, forced labor, slavery or any other form of non-freely chosen employment. Read our Statement on Human Trafficking and Slavery.

    Bribery and Corruption
    One of Teradyne’s core values is “Honest and integrity in all that we do.” This means that, both as a company and as individuals, we take pride in our reputation and doing what is right. Bribery is covered under Teradyne’s employee code of conduct and all employees are required to undertake annual code of conduct training. Upon completion of the training, each employee certifies that he or she understands and agrees to comply with all aspects of the code.

    Included in the annual employee training is information on Teradyne’s whistleblower program and anonymous reporting hotline. This hotline allows employees to report any potential violations of the code of conduct, as well as receive consultation on any ethical issues that they might have. Read our Anti-Corruption Policy.

    Freedom of Association
    In conformance with local law, Teradyne respects the right of all workers to form and join trade unions to bargain collectively and to engage in peaceful assembly. We also support the right of workers to refrain from such activities. Workers and their representatives are permitted to openly communicate ideas and concerns with management regarding working conditions and business practices without fear of discrimination, reprisal, intimidation or harassment. Read our Labor Policy.