We automate two of manufacturing’s most critical elements: repetitive manual tasks and electronic test.

Our customers are propelling the semiconductor and electronics markets. They’re companies of all sizes in diverse markets, and they depend on us to make certain their products perform as they were designed, every single time.

It’s a good bet that every device you use has been touched, and enhanced, by Teradyne during its assembly or test. These devices are reshaping markets where innovation is assumed, and failure is not an option.

Everything we create and invest in is oriented to helping organizations deliver their highest quality products, and bring them to market quickly, with the most-profitable economics:

  • Task Automation – industrial automation solutions, including collaborative robotics, automate tasks, deliver fast ROI and free people to reach their potential
  • Electronic Test – automated test equipment (ATE) speeds time-to-market for new electronics, in markets where reliability and performance are critical

Our team’s relentless curiosity fosters collaboration that solves problems, and our recognized expertise improves your competitiveness. It’s why we continue to lead the market.

Our enduring commitment to advanced test and automation means that with our customers, we’re improving how the world lives, works and innovates.


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